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What Kind of Seller Are You?

sales strategyB2B sellers fall into one of three categories. Take a look at the description of each category or level to see where you reside:

Level 1 Sellers: Most B2B sellers reside at this level by developing revenue exclusively from existing customers. This approach works well when business is booming—not so well when business is in the dumper. Level 1 sellers live a feast or famine existence.

Level 2 Sellers: Some B2B sellers play the game outlined above PLUS develop revenue by building relationships with non-spending accounts and switch pitching the business. This approach usually includes product pushing, deal making and merchandising incentives. This level is better than Level 1 but not the best option.

Level 3 Sellers: The best sellers do the above PLUS the following:

  • Pick some quality, non-spending target accounts that have the potential to spend like the organization's top spending accounts.
  • Develop a valid business reason designed to entice the prospect into agreeing to meet for a needs analysis session.
  • Conduct a needs analysis and uncover multiple and significant needs or challenges.
  • Brainstorm ideas to help the prospect overcome their challenges.
  • Bundle the idea with the organization's assets (products) and close a customized, big deal!
  • Deliver results and repeat the cycle.

What level are you?

If you are a Level 2 Seller and want to move up a notch to Level 3, download How Selling Steps. This sales strategy is a process that follows the Level 3 components listed above.

  Download How Selling Steps

Kurt Sima is a VP / Senior Consultant at The Center for Sales Strategy. He will present on "Examples of Top, Middle, and Bottom of the Funnel" at our Inbound Marketing Forum, November 8, 2012 in Atlanta.

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