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Plan Now for a Successful New Year

annual planning in salesThe holidays are almost upon us, and right behind them looms the New Year! It makes sense to think about what your priorities will be for 2013.

It would seem any priority-setting exercise ought to begin with an audit of your current priorities. Tom Peters says, "The only way to live your priorities is with your calendar," so let's start by auditing yours.

As you look back over your calendar from this year, do you see numerous appointments set in advance with customers and prospects, or do you see lots of empty space that most likely was consumed with reactive motion?

You can't change history, but you CAN determine how proactive you will be in developing new business with prospects and customers alike next year. Schedule new business development time as a priority, and it will happen.

If you're a sales manager…

Why not have your people audit their calendars for 2012, and use that audit as a device for a discussion about specific ways they can schedule new business development time as a priority in 2012?


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