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Is Your Needs Analysis Going Nowhere?

Improving Sales PerformanceOkay, so you're sitting down face-to-face with your prospect and you are ready to begin what you hope will be a productive conversation about their specific needs and challenges.

As you launch into the first few questions you prepared for this meeting, the prospect seems a bit tense.  It's clear you're not getting the information you had hoped for -- even though when you set the appointment, this person seemed receptive to the idea.

What's happening here?  Could it be you failed to contract again at the beginning of the meeting?  Could it be you forgot to discuss ONE MORE TIME what the purpose of this meeting is, how taking time to participate in this meeting will benefit the prospect, and how the Needs Analysis process will unfold?

Remember, a lot has happened in this

person's life since they first agreed to see you. 

If you fail to discuss and agree one more time what the purpose of the meeting is and how it will go, you're taking a risk.  The prospect may have forgotten your original conversation and you'll find yourself dragging them into a laborious and unproductive conversation.

Be sure to clarify the purpose and the process of your Needs Analysis meeting (and all your meetings) again before you launch into them.  Both you and the prospect will benefit from it.


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