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Improving Sales Performance: It's About Time...

Improve Your Sales Performance!When you’re trying to nail down an appointment with a business owner or manager, it is important to remember the root word of business: Busy.

Stop and think about it.

If you’re after an appointment with the owner, or a C- or VP-level executive, you’re likely chasing someone who has worked long hours to earn their position, and who’s working just as hard to keep it. And while it might seem like they can afford nicer vacations or to step out-of-the-office a few times during the week, there’s a good chance they’re among the very first to arrive at work each day, and the last to leave.

During the day, they’re often focused on what they sell, managing customers, employees and operations.

They have their hands full! So “normal business hours” may not be the best time to ask for their time. Have you considered offering to meet this prospect in the very early morning, or during the evening?

In doing so, you will prove—before you even meet—that you understand the work involved with running their company or department, and that you’re willing to work just as hard. Yes, you may end up meeting during some extraordinary hours. But you’re likely to earn some extraordinary sales.



Mike Anderson is VP of Consumer Insights and Communication at

The Center for Sales Strategy


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