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Things the Best Salespeople do When Their Manager is Not Looking

Improve Sales Performance!Improving sales performance happens when salespeople do the little things that make a difference.  The best salespeople do these things without being told — they even do these things when their manager is not looking:

  1. Prospect for quality accounts.

  2. Spend time developing valid business reasons to get appointments.

  3. Block out an hour a day for phone time to set appointments.

  4. Use a persistent yet professional approach to set appointments (7-9 attempts over a three week period).

  5. Conduct ten (10) quality calls a week with a blend of current customers and new business prospects.

Unfortunately, most salespeople struggle with many of the items on this list and improving sales performance suffers. 

There is a way to prop up sellers in the areas of sales related to finding new business prospects — it is called inbound marketing.

Imagine a world where new business prospects FIND the seller and every seller has at least ten quality face-to-face appointments every week!  This world exists for many sales organizations. 



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Kurt Sima is VP/Senior Consultant for The Center for Sales Strategy


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