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Using The Right Sales Strategy to Secure More Quality Appointments

sales strategyOn The Edge Podcast we focus on issues of importance to sales managers, salespeople and other marketers such as talent, sales strategy, management, inbound marketing and digital strategy.  One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive is, “How do we get our salespeople to go on more appointments”? 


This question of how to get more quality appointments includes not just how to get a larger quantity of appointments but also how to make each appointment count.

Time and time again we hear about sellers that have full calendars and lots of prospects in their pipeline, but are not having any success in closing new business. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most common reasons is that their appointments are not set up correctly, and the agenda for the appointment isn’t clear.

One of the first things a good salesperson does when setting each appointment is to be clear about the amount of time allocated for the meeting, the goals of the meeting, and outlining any follow ups that need to take place.

On this episode of The Edge Podcast, Emily Estey, Vice President and Senior Consultant at The Center for Sales Strategy, does a great job of detailing how to set the groundwork for quality appointments and to make the most of your time. During the podcast, Emily also details how to move a prospect from the first appointment to the next appointment, and how to make sure that expectations are clear at each phase of the prospecting process.

To help you with learning more about appointment setting, and providing techniques and strategies to generate more quality appointments, we have put together a few blog posts and e-books that can help you out:

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Listen to the newest edition of The Edge Podcast featuring The Center for Sales Strategy VP and Senior Consultant, Emily Estey.


Brian Hasenbauer is an Inbound Marketing Consultant at The Center for Sales Strategy

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