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Five Things the Best Managers Do When Hiring

People decisions are the most important decisions that a manager makes, and the importance of hiring talented people is critical to the success of any organization. As a manager, it's easy to ensure you are hiring talented people by following these five steps:

  1. Recruit 52 weeks a year. Even if all positions are filled, you should always have a funnel full of prospective hires that you could turn to when a position does become available. This will help ensure you don’t hire the wrong person just because you’re pressured to fill the position.

  2. Create a job analysis for each position on the team. A job analysis is not a watered-down HR job description. It is an in-depth analysis of each position that includes specific details of the position. Here are some things to consider: important day-to-day activities, expectations, compensation, types of accounts (if this is a sales position), required skills, and education requirements. The more specific the better!

  3. Link the job analysis to a list of required talents for each position. For example, if the position requires a person to perform work that is very specific and detail oriented, a required talent would be linked to organization and structure.

  4. Use a consistent selection process. It's important that you follow the same steps with all candidates in order to be fair and have the ability to evaluate each candidate accurately. 

  5. Use a statistically reliable assessment to measure the talent of all candidates. The best managers make hiring decisions based on the talents required for each position (not merely experience).

For additional insight into what to look for when preparing to hire and how to determine fit, download our Talent Fit Factors.

Talent is only a strength when the fit is right.


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