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Our Top 5 Blog Postings from May

sales strategyHere are the 5 most visited blog postings we published this month.  Have a great Friday and good luck with your planning for next week.


#1: 6 Horrible Words Customer Focused Salespeople Never Say!

...that’s when he said 6 horrible words that stirred my emotions and made me immediately uncomfortable!

#2: Five Ways to Create a Sales Culture

What is your sales culture?  Do you even have one?

#3: Sales Coaching: Don't Let Your Weaknesses Get in the Way of Your Success

And whatever you do, don't spend time trying to...

#4: Executive Coaching: I LOVE my Sales Manager!

I would venture to guess you could probably count on one hand the number of times you've heard this proclamation.

#5: Management Coaching: Only Lazy Sales Managers Use Impromptu Role-Plays

Impromptu sales meeting role-plays are ocaionally good theatre, but never good training. 


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