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5 Things Every Business Person Needs to Know About Digital Media


When it comes to digital media expertise, it's easy to feel like an expert and a novice all at once. This is mainly because there are so many advancements in digital that it's hard to know what you should be focused on with respect to digital marketing.

So, to help sort through the various topics a business owner may want to consider with respect to digital, here are the top 5 things every business person should know: 

1. Digital media is not the same as digital marketing.

Digital media refers to platform, while digital marketing is how you use it to promote products, services, or both. Examples of digital media are display ads, mobile video, or Facebook newsfeed ads. Examples of digital marketing are, register to win online to build an opt-in database, or provide incentives for loyal customers who "like," a business on Facebook.

2. Be prepared to embrace constant change.

There's no question that something new in digital will emerge. To serve our clients, The Center for Sales Strategy posts a presentation on what's new in digital every month for just that reason. We call it Trends, News and Headlines. Keep an open mind to what's new but also don't abandon what you already know.  

3. Too much analysis can cripple success.

Be careful to not over analyze what you decide to do in digital because there are so many variables that can impact success, and success is different for every business. Before any digital campaign is planned, know the purpose… what you want to accomplish and how much that is worth. Then decide the best way to execute an idea to achieve the result you're looking for. During any campaign, analyze often to make sure the campaign is on track to achieve the results you are looking for.

4. Integrating digital and other media help combat the effects of media snacking.

I've blogged on media snacking before, and continue to discuss the effects of media snacking in Digital Sales Accelerator workshops. Media snacking is when an audience consumes content at various times on various platforms. Because of this, it's harder to reach a level of frequency with just one media that maximizes ROI. Digital marketing should include multiple platforms, paying close attention to how consumers will respond to a marketing message on each one, and adapt the creative message accordingly.

5.  Surround yourself with those who know more about digital than you do.

Working with others who know more than you do about digital is a good thing. It'll help you make better decisions and learn more at the same time. Be open with your level of digital expertise and open to learning new things from others. 

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