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Sales Coaching: Top Five Talent Articles of 2013

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Some of our most visited blog posts are about the subject of talent. Here's the most popular ones so far this year. Good luck in your planning for next week!


1) Hiring vs. Recruiting: There is a difference!

Although most sales managers don’t start looking for new sales candidates until someone leaves the company, when they have that need, it’s often too late. At that point, the hiring process quickly turns into a frantic scramble of looking through stacks of resumes, posting the job on your company website, and hoping that the right candidate finds you and FAST!

2) Sales Management Secrets (Part 4): Coaching the Talent of a Problem Solver

Bet you love the Sherlock Holmes you have on your sales team. He’s analytical, hyper-focused on solving the puzzle, enjoys research, and always knows where to find the answers!  

3) Sales Management Secrets (Part 1): Coaching the Talent of Work Intensity

While you enjoy her relentlessness when it comes to checking tasks off her to-do list (she can be kinda of like a dog with a bone sometimes), she can be a little too impatient.

4) Sales Coaching: Don’t Let Your Weaknesses Get in the Way of Your Success

We all have strengths but we have MANY more weaknesses than we have strengths.  And that’s okay, because no one succeeds based on their weaknesses.


5) Sales Management Secrets (Part 3): Coaching the Talent of Command

Don’t you wish you could take just a little bit of that persuasiveness and “get it done” attitude and sprinkle it on all of the other sellers on your team? If only it were that easy! 


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