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Sales Strategy: Think in Terms of “Margin of Excellence!”

Margin of ExcellenceDriving to the airport recently, it occurred to me just how sloppy some people have become in the age of distracted driving. I was nearly involved in three different accidents, but was able to swerve away from harm.

Far more people were driving dangerously; several folks staring down at their handheld device rather than looking up at the road, one person putting on make-up, another disciplining the kids in the back seat, and still another trying to devour a fast food buffet as he used his knees to control the steering wheel.

Some folks have decided there is an acceptable margin of error while driving, even at high speeds and in heavy traffic. I don’t understand how their preoccupations and busy schedules seem to grant them permission to endanger other people on the road. I would much rather they cut something from their busy life, if that’s what it takes for them to focus on the road ahead.

Let’s change the conversation to sales and performance excellence. Are you moving at higher speeds than ever before? Does that give you license to pay only partial attention to what you’re doing? 

Is it time to cut something from your task load so you can focus on what really matters?

I’d like to recommend that you visit our Ideal Customer Profile. Hundreds of The Center for Sales Strategy clients—thousands of sellers—have decades of experience applying the principles of the Account List Management System. We KNOW that a minority of accounts contribute to a majority of the revenue you will generate.  The Ideal Customer Profile will help you focus on those prospects which are most likely to be able to spend at the large levels you need.

You are incredibly busy, and I respect that. YOU should respect that fact, too, and focus your attention where it stands to be the most productive.  

It’s also worth remembering that you’re selling in a more congested, competitive environment than ever.  (Think of it as traffic on a busy highway.) Let someone else be the distracted driver, while you focus on getting where you need to go. Let them settle for “margin of error” with their career… while you focus on your margins of excellence.


Download our Ideal Customer Profile! This will help you identify the six key categories that makes someone an ideal customer or prospect.


Mike Anderson is VP of Consumer Insights and Communication at The Center for Sales Strategy

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