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What Makes You Valuable in B2B Sales?

Why Would Someone Want To See You Some say that salespeople are a dime a dozen. Basically, they have very little value.  On the contrary! In b2b sales, great salespeople can literally be worth millions of dollars to their clients’ business.

Have you ever thought about what makes you valuable?  Why you can be an asset to your clients’ business? What unique experiences and perspectives you can offer? Why your clients want you and not your competitor as a valued partner?

Something you can do today is build your personal value profile to determine how you are trusted and valued.

There are 4 components to consider:
  1. Empathy: How do you demonstrate you can be trusted to not waste their time, address their needs, and see the sales process from their point of view?
  2. Expertise: What is your expertise in your field and that of your prospects?
  3. Problem Solving: Why are you qualified to help solve their problems?
  4. The Human Factor: What personal information can impact potential business partners?

Do you see a common theme or story emerging about why your clients want you? Does it showcase who you are? Can it easily be communicated to your perspective clients, current clients and on relevant social sites like LinkedIn?

Schedule an appointment with yourself today to build your personal value profile. It could be the most important appointment you’ve had this year.  One that separates you from being “a dime a dozen” to worth a million dollars.


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