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What People Are Reading This Week To Help Sales Performance

sales strategyHere at The Center for Sales Strategy we know how busy life can get. We know you can't read every single interesting b2b sales article you come across online, so we like to help our readers out every now and then by pulling together some of our most popular blog posts — just in case you missed them!

The collection we have today are the blog posts (new and old) that were most popular in the past week. Check out these posts below to stay up to date on what's popular right now. 


1) It Never Killed a Salesperson

Are you curious about what has “never killed a salesperson?”  Are you curious, period?  I hope so.  It's one of the best traits a salesperson can carry into the field.  Perhaps curiosity killed the cat, but it’s as healthy as a 60-minute workout for those of us who sell.

2) Is There Really a Single Cause for Missing B2B Sales Numbers?

There is one thing that delivers a double-whammy: It prevents them from reaching their revenue projections and it drives their sales-related expenses through the roof... impacting cash flow hard, twice. And, that expense is NEVER included in anyone’s formal plans. That one thing is: The cost of employee turnover in Sales.

3) How Inbound Marketing Can Create Raving Fans

Businesses are catching on. Those using an effective inbound marketing initiatives are producing sales leads and, at the same time, establishing expertise and thought leadership in their specific industry.

4) Get that First Appointment - Master Your Approach

Have you ever felt like taking a “Wild Wild West” approach to securing your first appointment? Think about it… if only it were appropriate to ‘lasso’ your prospect, ‘tie him down’ and force him to stay engaged so that you may cordially introduce yourself, establish credibility and politely present your value proposition.

5)  Five Songs for Sales People... and How They Relate to Sales Performance

Gloria Estefan had it right—the rhythm is gonna get’cha. Music can help you push through a difficult workout, it can calm your nerves, and it can even get you pumped up and geared towards success. Music can have a powerful impact on your mindset, and using music and the right rhythm to support positive thoughts could definitely get’cha headed in the right sales direction.


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