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Are You Maximizing Your Own Natural Talents?


When I was a kid, I was told I had a natural talent for playing the piano. In fact, about 20 years later I came across a piece of music I played at a recital when I was 10 years old. I was in a combination of shock and utter amazement that I had actually performed and played that piece of music.  However, there was a problem. I didn’t like to practice or play the piano. I wanted to be outside playing any kind of ball with my buddies. Trust me, I had no athletic talent at all. But I did have a natural talent to play the piano and I totally and completely wasted it.

What About Your Talents?

Virtually all of the people I deal with have sales and/or management talent. But unfortunately, some are wasting their natural talent. Others are maximizing this talent, and obviously, are the most successful.

What Can You Do... Today?

So what can you do to maximize your talent? Are you constantly learning about yourself, your business, and most importantly, about your client’s business? Do you thirst for knowledge? Do you seek out mentors and coaches?

When you receive coaching, do you listen? Do you implement the suggestions your coaches and mentors suggest? Are you an “old dog who can’t learn new tricks” or do you try new things? Can you admit there are better ways to do things than you are comfortable with? Do you extend your comfort zone? Are you not afraid to fail?

Make sure you are constantly maximizing your natural born sales and management talent.  There is no greater sin in your career development than to have talent and waste it. Who knows what could have happened had I not wasted my music talent.

Don’t waste yours. 

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