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Finding Sales Talent to Fill Your Talent Bank

Finding Sales Talent to Fill Your Talent Bank

With the recent layoffs and furloughs, social distancing, and working from home, there’s more talent available on the market than ever before. “As a result of the pandemic, it’s become an employer’s job market,” states a recent Forbes article. “Candidates will have to get more assertive and creative in finding ways to help them stand out or get lost in the crowd.” 

While there has always been a need for a strong talent bank, now is the time to really start building one that will set you up for future success. Due to the current economic situation, you have a unique opportunity to find new talent that would have otherwise been unapproachable. 

How do you find top sales talent? Where do you look for sales talent? Who should you add to your talent bank? Keep reading for the answers!

How Do You Find Top Sales Talent?

2021 Talent Magazine - Square ButtonFinding top sales talent may be a little easier now, but you still must focus on finding the right person for the right job. Start by asking for referrals. But first, make a list of the behaviors and characteristics that you need for the position you’re hiring for. Afterward, create a list of questions that will help you identify candidates with these specific behaviors.

For example, if you want someone who is naturally good at building rapport, a question to ask is, “Tell me about someone who asks questions to deepen your relationship.” Or, if you want someone who is self-driven, ask, “Who do you know that is self-motivated and sets high goals for themselves?"

Where Do You Look for Sales Talent?

LinkedIn continues to be a strong source for recruiting. Before you start your outbound search, be sure your profile reflects who you are and what you want to convey. Your summary should read to the audience you want to engage and reflect your strengths as a manager. When you start your search:

  • Consider joining groups and being active in them
  • Narrow your search by using specific keywords
  • Filter by location, experience, and industry
  • Pay close attention to the quality of their profile
  • Review their recommendations

Who Should You Add to Your Talent Bank?

Your direct competitors are a source for finding great talent. Find a mutual friend or colleague to help make the introduction. One tip to keep in mind is that people most often make a job change for career advancement, culture, or a better manager that cares about them. See if you can uncover this by asking what is missing from their current job after that connection has been made.

Remember, recruiting should be a 52-week event not just when you need to fill a position:

  • Set goals for yourself to add candidates to your talent bank
  • Ask for referrals
  • Update your LinkedIn profile and connect with potential candidates
  • Consider internal candidates that would be a good fit

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