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Four Engagement Elevators You Can Use to Improve Your Company Culture

Improve Your Company Culture

Culture is powerful, and like brand, you’re going to have one whether you like it or not. The best organizations to work for are the ones that recognize this and actively strive to push the right buttons every day to build a positive climate and a culture of engagement.

What an Ideal Company Culture Really Means

Infographic: Top 15 Reasons Your Employees StayBy the way, achieving an ideal culture with top-level employee engagement doesn't mean that everyone who works there feels happy all the time!

You'll certainly have higher morale overall, but more than that, it really means that employees feel as though they have a stake in the game and a strong sense of purpose in their work. They know what they are playing for and what they are working toward, and they are willing to give their work everything they’ve got to achieve that success.

Take time today to think about the company culture you have right now, and how that compares to the culture you would build from scratch if you could.

Could your organization stand to improve your company culture? Learn from the very best!

Researchers have learned that companies with the highest levels of engagement have four things in common and at our company, we call these the Engagement Elevators.

Four Engagement Elevators

1. Shared Mission

This is a clear vision that everyone in the group believes in and can easily articulate. It's the beacon that all eyes are on as the group makes their way on their journey together. This mission provides a common language, shared stories, and a strong sense of purpose.

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2. People Development 

Managers who hire the right people, and set them up for success by clearly communicating expectations and providing the right balance of support and autonomy, pave the way for strong employee engagement. They care about their people, build individualized relationships, transparently share information, coach both strengths and weaknesses, and provide meaningful feedback.

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3. Valued Voice

Employees trust their coworkers and leaders, participating in open, two-way communication. They allow others to talk as they sincerely listen and, in turn, they share information and concerns. This allows companies greater insight to avoid problems and also creates a flow of ideas.

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4. Earned Trust

This means keeping it real at work. People mean what they say and can be trusted to do what is expected of them. They live the values they espouse every day, which can be seen in their day-to-day actions.

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Consider whether one or more of these engagement elevators needs to go “up” in your company and commit to a few specific actions that your leadership group can do today to make it happen!

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