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Great Leaders Focus on How to Turn Talent Into Performance

Great_leaders_focus_on_how_to_turn_talent_into_performanceAll of us here at The Center for Sales Strategy have much to celebrate as we close out the year. We celebrated our 30th Anniversary in 2013 with much to be thankful for. We appreciate all of the clients who allow us to play a part in their success. We are particularly gratified when we have a chance to play a role in helping someone improve—because they come to understand more clearly the importance of talent or the power of a sales process focused on creating specific value for clients.

As you take time to reflect on what you have to celebrate at year-end, we want to encourage you to think about the people on your team. Think about those who you think have shown the most professional growth this year and consider what contributed to their development. Which of your own actions had the greatest impact. Use these insights as you continue to develop as a coach.

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we have a gift for you. We have compiled a list of "30 Ways to Turn Talent Into Performance." If you reference this list regularly in 2014, you will be a step ahead of others as you look to develop your people and drive top performance. 

To get your copy of "30 Ways to Turn Talent Into Performance" click here.

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