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A Ten-Day Journey to Becoming the Sales Superhero

A Ten-Day Journey to Becoming the Sales Superhero

Do you ever wonder what it would take to become a Sales Superhero? What would it take to bag every target account on your list?

Bruce Wayne trained for 12 years to cross the globe and learn martial arts and forensics. Doctor Stephen Strange trained for 4 years, but he had the forces of Kamar-Taj in his favor!

The Center for Sales Strategy firmly believes that you have a few innate sales traits (best discovered through our Sales Talent Assessment). And the rest you can build upon training and resources we have within your reach.

Consider a scenario where you need to connect with a new target account. Standing out in the queue where crowds of salespeople are waiting on the same opportunity can be daunting. But, this is where you can benefit from our Sales Superhero training!

Let's break it down in a few steps.

(Bon voyage; you are about to embark on the sales superhero journey through the best-kept secrets of sanctum de CSS!)

Day 1 — The whys.

Lead with your Valid Business Reason (VBR) and best insights of the business.

The business should know why they should choose you over ten other salespeople. You can send an introductory email once you have done the research and established a Valid Business Reason. Then, add your personal branding for future reference.

Does Your VBR Sound Like a Pick-up Line?

Day 2 — It was nice to know more about your business!

It is time for a follow-up phone call.

Remember the personal branding from day 1? You can reference it here. Also, don’t forget to add key takeaways from your research.

Day 3 — I have done this before.

Send a follow-up email summarizing your best success stories in a similar industry. Who else would flaunt your accounts if you don’t?

Day 4, 6, and 8 — Preparation Phases

Utilize the days to get more business insights, your plan of action, and a breathing space for you and your target account overall. It is also a best practice to leave intervals while communicating. You would not want your potential client to feel overwhelmed.

Day 5 — Things are getting serious!

Today we will connect via LinkedIn. I hope you have your profile ready with updated success stories, referrals, and a slick demonstration of your expertise!

How to Sell Through LinkedIn (Your Complete Guide)

Day 7 — Hi, it’s me again.

Phone calls are notorious for being missed. So let’s call again, reminding them of the VBR. Always lead with your business insight.

Day 9 — Meet my friend!

On the ninth day, we are aiding the success story you sent on Day 3. If you can, resend it with a referral to establish your credibility.

Day 10 — Is it me?

This would be your last attempt to connect. Start with a phone call and inform the business of the final email you will be sent shortly. You can be all sorts of creative on this last email. Think out of the box!

If all else fails, start again. Superheroes aren’t made in a day!

Don't give up -- get your prospects to say yes to a meeting. Download the free guide.

*Editor's Note: This blog was originally written in 2015 and has since been updated.

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