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How to Be a Super Salesperson


If you are a superhero and comic book fan like I am, you will at one time have undoubtedly spent a few minutes thinking about which super powers you would want to have. Would you want to fly, have x-ray vision, read minds, or be invincible?

Of course all of these super powers are stuff made of fiction, but if you are in sales there are a few tools you can use that make you feel like you have super powers and give you an advantage over your competitors that are targeting the same prospects. Modern sales tools, often called "sales intelligence" or "sales enablement" tools, really do make sales people feel as though they have x-ray vision or have the ability to read minds.

How is it possible for a sales person to develop x-ray vision, feel invincible, or read minds? I thought you might ask that.

X-ray Vision

Being able to see through walls or see what's in a brief case is an awesome super power to have. For a salesperson, the equivalent is being able to see when a prospect opens an email (or forwards it), knowing which pages of your company's website your leads visit and being able to see the engagement your prospects have with you via social media. 

Why does this added lead intelligence matter? Well, if you see a prospect hasn't opened your recent email for several days, you can follow up with a phone call or another email or change the subject line to a more provocative one. 

Knowing which pages of your website a prospect has visited can be useful when trying to ascertain what challenges a prospect is having and which solutions your company can offer. You can actually see which services pages they visited on your website and how much time they spent on each page.

This type of lead intelligence gives you information that's close to X-ray vision and provides information you certainly wouldn't have without using some type of sales intelligence software.

Reading Minds

Similar to x-ray vision, knowing what your prospects are looking at on your company's website can give you insight into what's on a prospects mind, which questions they see your services as answering, and where they are in the buyer journey. This ability to know what the prospect is thinking allows you to craft a more custom proposal or address unmentioned concerns. 

Another tool we use to enhance our mind-reading ability is a software called "Seventh Sense". This SaaS software sends emails on the specific day and time a prospect is most likely to open and click on emails. This helps to increase open rates as well as click-thru rates.

We haven't found a way for salespeople to fly, but that's something we are working on. For now, check out some of tools offered by HubSpot or Seventh Sense, whom we are both partners with and give us our super powers! They can help transform your sales team into into the super heroes you already know they are!

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