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How to Use Sales Psychology to Change Buyers' Mindsets

How to Use Sales Psychology to Change Buyers Mindsets

As a business leader, you're well aware of the fact that sales can make or break a company. Unfortunately, simply designing a great product or service won't lead to outstanding sales. 

Industry leaders today are focusing on a more psychological approach to boosting their sales. Read on to learn more about sales psychology and find out how you can use it to change the mindset of any buyer.

What is Sales Psychology?

Sales psychology is a specialized psychological field that focuses on the study of how thoughts, perceptions, and feelings influence the way people buy and relate to goods and services. 

Professional sales psychologists study the decision-making processes of consumers, including what motivates them to purchase one thing but not another. Business leaders can utilize these studies to enhance their selling power and ultimately increase sales overall. 

Use Consumer Psychology to Help Reel In More of Your Ideal Prospects

Utilizing Cognitive Reframing

Cognitive reframing is the process of creating an alternative way of viewing ideas, situations, products—or anything else. This concept is the backbone of modern sales psychology. 

By presenting buyers with an alternate means of viewing their situation (and your product or service), you can shift their mindset to one that leads them to make a purchase. 

Understanding What Buyers Are Thinking

To change a buyer's mind, you first need to understand what they're thinking. 

When a buyer enters your shop or visits your website, they likely have a perceived problem that they need a solution for and think that you can provide the answer. In this situation, the buyer's mind is closed to alternative ideas. 

As a seller, it's your job to get them out of their comfort zone and into a mindset that is open to change. 

Changing Buyers' Mindsets

There are a few steps you must take to change a buyer's mind, starting by initiating a change in their thinking and finally directing a further course of action. 

Challenging Their Thinking

Buyers are often resistant to change at first. As a seller, start by asking questions and sharing your ideas. This will illuminate the gaps in their thinking, which you can then fill with solutions that point to your product or service. 

How Do I Know Where My Prospect is on the Buyer’s Journey?

Reframing the Issue

From here, work to reframe the issue by offering ideas that will shift their thinking to your own perspective. This consists of engaging the buyer to solve their problem while subtly including reasons why your product or service is the perfect solution. 

Directing Action

Once you've reframed the issue, you can direct your buyer to the desired action—making a purchase. Be mindful of directing action gently, as pushing a buyer too harshly may overwhelm them and lead them away from the point of sale. 

Mastering sales psychology can be a difficult process, one that may require an overhaul of your sales processes. There is a wide range of behavioral traits that influence purchasing decisions. Understanding buyers’ behaviors can help you close more sales and improve your relationship with your consumers.

Gain insight on your customers' decision-making process.

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