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I Have Open Sales Territories And Recruiting is Challenging. What Are My Options?

I Have Open Sales Territories And Recruiting is Challenging. What Are My Options

Most people in hiring roles are having the conversation: How am I going to find someone to fill my vacant roles?

The problem is real, and for some, it’s overwhelming.

Here are four options to consider.

4 Ways To Fill Vacant Roles

1. Recruit from within

Is there anyone in the company that has the talent to do the job but is not currently in the position to do the job? Sometimes we make it harder than it is. The talent is right in front of us, but we continue to look outside.

Rediscovering the Benefits of Internal Recruitment

2. Ask your Key Accounts for recommendations

Often clients have their favorite sellers they work with and, when asked, welcome the opportunity to brag about them. Tell them what you are looking for and that you want to find a great fit for their business. Let them know you are talking with many people, but you value their opinion.

3. Re-assign the “territory” or “list”

If you do this, and many people are, you need to have a solid well-communicated plan. If you give a seller more opportunities for commissions, they need to understand there will be more required of them.

As a past manager always used to say, “Much given-much required.” I love that statement because it is true. Don’t give someone a list and not add more budget to their current goals.

On the other hand, don’t give them accounts to “handle temporarily” and let it drag out for a year, then wonder why they (or the client) are upset when you take it away from them to bring in your “shiny new” hire.

You must be strategic when making account shifts. Otherwise, the consequences will, in many cases, lead to more open positions.

4. Who does your current staff know

Offer a bonus to anyone who refers candidates to you, and the candidate they refer is hired. I don’t see many people doing this today. Sellers know what it takes to do the job and probably know other high-performing people, like themselves, at other companies or other industries. Tap into their network.


Companies live and die by the quality of their sales team. Once you have a full team, don’t stop! This should be a 7-day-a-week, 365-days-a-year search.

Don’t just look for people when you need them; look for talent everywhere and get to know them, keeping them in your Talent Bank for your next opportunity.

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