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Improve Your Sales with Hot Coals


It's time to pull out the fire pit and get those spring fires burning. You need the right wood to keep a strong fire burning, just like you need the right talent to improve your sales.

Every client I am working with is telling me the changes in business are creating a need for a new breed of salesperson. In this good business climate, there is opportunity everywhere, but taking advantage of that opportunity requires stronger talent than in the very recent past.

This has everyone looking for great new sales talent to bring into their organization, and this pursuit of talent has leaders evaluating their current culture. You need the right culture to attract top talent.

I was thinking about this while stoking a fire last week.

If you drop a fresh log on coals that have gone out, it won't catch fire. But if you drop a fresh log on hot coals, it will catch fire very quickly.  

Keep this picture in your mind as you seek out new talent for your sales team. Long before you hire a new person and expect them to catch the fire of the new culture, make sure you have hot coals to drop them on. Take the time for all the little things that build culture. Things like knowing the individual goals and aspirations of each person, celebrating success, having fun, asking your people for their input on key decisions, making clear the mission of the organization, and more.

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