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7 Sales Coaching Statistics All Sales Leaders Need to See

sales coaching statisticsSales coaching is not about telling your sales team what to do. There's so much more to it. Sales coaching helps sales leaders equip their teams to reach their maximum potential, and gives them the tools and knowledge to make better decisions in their sales process, which leads to overall improved sales performance for themselves, the team, and you.

A good sales coaching program helps improve results, while no coaching (or bad coaching), can have negative effects on your overall performance. Here are some eye-opening sales coaching stats to support a good sales coaching program:

  1. Companies with dynamic sales coaching programs achieve 28% higher win rates.

  2. Companies that provide quality coaching can reach 7% greater annual revenue growth.

  3. As much at 60% of sales reps say they're more likely to leave their job if their manager is a poor coach.

  4. Sales reps with 30 minutes or less of sales coaching per week receive win rates of 43%, and those that receive at least 2 hours of coaching per week, have a win rate of 56%.

  5. Sales coaching and mentoring is cited as the most important role that frontline managers play, according to 74% of leading companies. 

  6. Companies with a formal coaching process see 91.2% of overall quota attainment, as compared to 84.7% quota attainment for companies with an informal coaching process. 

  7. Forecast deals win rate for companies whose managers spent more time on coaching than selling is 8.2% higher, and overall revenue attainment is 5.2% higher.

At the end of the day, these stats are interesting in supporting sales coaching, but another factor plays a key role in your coaching success: who you are coaching. A strong Talent plan and strategy that helps sales managers recruit, select, develop, and retain the best sellers, sits at the core of how their sales coaching performance will play out. 

Want to kick off 2019 at the top of your coaching game? Consider a qualified and personalized executive coaching program to ensure you are at the top of your management game that leads your sellers to success in the New Year!

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