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Talk Tracks to Speed Up the Sales Process

Talk Tracks to Speed Up the Sales Process

Salespeople in different industries encounter different questions and objections, right? Wrong. Your products and services may affect the minor details of objections, but Google the phrase ‘most common sales objections’ and you’ll find most sellers face the same objections from their leads.

Whether it’s price objections, the prospect isn’t interested, or “now isn’t a good time,” sellers often encounter the same types of questions and objections during the sales process. Sales enablement resources help them anticipate and overcome these objections.

Creating talk tracks and related sales collateral material helps enable sellers to respond quickly — allowing them to move the sales process forward and close business sooner.

Sales Objections Are Unavoidable

New call-to-actionIf you’re a sales manager that’s not familiar with sales enablement, this post will help you better understand how to create and use talk tracks to overcome objections. Plus, we’ve included a few talk tracks your sellers can use to overcome objections and sell like a pro!

The purpose of the talk track is to ensure that you leave the sales call with all the critical information required to qualify the opportunity [see below] and move the sales process forward.

Create the Sales Enablement Resource

1. Make a list of the topics that sellers encounter most often, like these:

  • Price
  • Results and ROI
  • Concerns about the product
  • Uncertain economic conditions

2. Write down the objection

3. Create the script (response) and related sales collateral

As you create the talk track scripts, be sure to include the following:

  • Empathy (let them know you understand their perspective)
  • Don’t argue
  • Ask for additional information
  • Address the concern

Learn the Talk Tracks

Role playing the talk tracks is a great way for sellers to learn the material and use the resource. Keep in mind, managers and sellers can role play via video communications tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.How to Improve Virtual Role Plays

Anticipate, Listen, and Respond

During a discovery meeting — Needs Analysis — world-class sellers anticipate typical objections. Listening during the sales process and having talk tracks handy allows sellers to respond and address concerns as they arise. This improves sales process efficiency, and allows the sales process to move along.

Imagine the value of having a success story talk track and related collateral material available to address a prospect’s concern about ROI. Having a case study that follows this 4P format works well:

  • The Problem
  • The Process (used by the salesperson)
  • The Plan (the idea to address the problem)
  • The Performance (details about the ROI)

These sales enablement resources reflect a high level of professionalism and expertise that help sellers build trust.

Talk Track Examples for Common Objections

Below are just a few common objections and related talk tracks — feel free to take them for a test drive (perhaps role play with your sellers during an upcoming sales meeting).

Talk Track for COVID

Objection: I need to hold off on spending until I can determine the financial impact of COVID on my business.

Talk Track: “I understand your concern; many of my clients are feeling this. Tell me about the areas of your business that are most critical during these uncertain times.”

Ask additional questions about these areas most important thing their marketing needs to do during this time of uncertainty. Perhaps this conversation will lead to a desired business result the client or prospect needs help with.

Related Collateral: Review and discuss the research from a recent Forbes article. Be sure to focus on the importance of not cutting advertising during a recession or potential recession as that can help there as well.


Talk Track for Results and ROI

Objection: I’ve done this in the past, and it didn’t work.

Talk Track: “I am not surprised. There are 50 ways to do marketing poorly and only a handful of ways to do it right. The media landscape continues to change, and we pride ourselves in helping you reach your desired target audience and follow them along the consumer journey.”

Then get them talking. “What have you tried, what was the strategy behind it, and what were the expectations?”

Related Collateral: Have case studies ready to support your statements.

Sell Smarter, Sell Faster

Sales enablement resources that include talk tracks help sellers to sell smarter and sell faster.

That's what sales enablement is all about giving your salespeople the right strategy, content, technology, and training so they can sell smarter and sell faster by putting commonly used resources at their fingertips. 2021 media sales report - download now button

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