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The Best Medicine for Healthy Sales

The_Best_Medicine_for_Healthy_SalesYou’ve seen those pill-box organizers right? When I was visiting my parents this summer, I noticed my dad was using one of these organizers so he wouldn’t forget which medicine to take when. We are all thankful for advanced medicine and the quality of life it affords, but it won't do you any good if you forget to take it.

Imagine if salespeople had a sales-box organizer to help them remember to serve their customers well every day. You can immediately think of the potential in this idea. One of the toughest parts of being in sales is making daily decisions about how to spend your time. You could spend 100% of your time each day handling transactional details and service requests on current accounts, along with moving your best prospects through the sales funnel.

What’s easy to miss each day is serving your current customers well. Serving is different than servicing. Servicing is taking care of all the details so nothing gets messed up, and it’s important, of course. Serving involves things like asking a curious question about something you observe your client doing in their business or connecting them with another business that might be of help to them (when there¹s nothing in it for you).

Maybe you should give this a try. Go out and buy one of those pill box organizers and place the name of one of your best clients on a slip of paper and fill the boxes for each day. Now you’ll have a reminder each day to take your sales medicine, which will lead to healthy sales!

One of the best ways to serve a current client is to go fishing for trouble: looking for needs they have, searching for one you can help with, and bringing them a solution that works for them. Click here to learn about the hourglass needs analysis.

hourglass needs analysis

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