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The 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Salespeople

Holiday Gift Guide for SalepeopleNo doubt, the holidays are crazy. You're working hard to close out the year, planning for the next year, and trying to finish as strong as possible. Outside of work, there's a list a mile long —holiday parties, shopping, family, friends, wrapping, cooking, etc... 

Don't get stuck without a great gift for the salesperson in your life. Our team has put together a list of "must-have's" for people in sales ranging from tech and tools to books and subscriptions. All play a role in making the salesperson's life better by contributing to their sales game and helping them improve their sales performance.

Holiday Gift Guide for Salespeople

1. Bluetooth Headset

The wrong one could lead to frustration and annoyance, but the right one could be a salesperson's right hand. Here's a few recommended bluetooth headsets for salespeople.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator + LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn tools to help the salespeople "up" their game in the digital space.

3. Portable Battery Charger 

Don't let your loved ones (or co-workers) find themselves stuck with dead devices. Here's a few top portable battery chargers.

4. Hubspot Sales

This time-saving tool will notify the seller the moment a lead opens an email, tracks every interaction automatically, and organizes all activities in one place.

5. Personalized Stationery or Bond Handwritten Thank You Notes

A personal note goes a long way. 

6. Annual Subscription to local Business Journal

Help them stay informed with business news delivered direct to their inbox!

7. iOtti Car Mount

Great for sellers on the road!

8. Giftology Book

The Art and Science of Using Gifts to Cut Through the Noise, Increase Referrals, and Strengthen Client Retention

9. A Goal Planner

Designed to keep its owner accountable, goal-oriented, and efficient -- this is the perfect gift for the go-getters in your life. 

10. An Improv Class

Help your sales pro improve at dealing with prospects, objections, or quick thinking with an improv class.

11. A Transportation Gift Card

For the traveling Sales Pro, an Uber or Lyft gift card might steal their heart. Or consider an airline gift card to their preferred flight company.

Happy holiday gifting! 

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