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Top 3 Mobile Trends for 2015

mobile-trendsMobile has evolved tremendously over the last five years. And the technological advances of 2014 alone have catapulted mobile to the top—as the desired media consumption platform for many. Affordable choices in devices as well as data-friendly carrier plans have given consumers the means, so marketers can now provide the motive. 

To motivate consumers to act on an offer or a product purchase via mobile, consider these three mobile trends that are certain to be factors in the success of advertising in 2015:

1. The Millennial Effect Emerges

Millennials expect marketers to be relevant. They are more likely to give up their information and to be tolerable of data collection if they are served with offers targeted and personalized to their interests and intents. As millennials age, become more secure in the workforce, make more money, and start to build a family, you can expect them to spend more, too. Marketers who start planning now for millennials will reap benefits in 2015 and beyond.

2. Mobile Ads Feel the Effect of the Pareto Principle

While the technology isn’t quite there yet, Big Data will no doubt better predict consumer behavior in the near future. That, coupled with the trend noted in the paragraph above, means that advertisers will experience better results if they focus on delivering messages to the 20% of consumers who make up 80% of profits. When doing so, advertisers should tailor the creative and personalize the offers as much as possible to the target in order to maximize the response rate.

3. Screen Size Matters Now More Than Ever

So-called “fat finger” clicks will be a thing of the past, as will click-through rates as the sole measure of success on mobile. Better screen display and larger sizes give marketers an opportunity to engage with consumers in more creative and attentive ways, but they can’t ignore that a smartphone is still a very personal medium in which to market. 

These certainly aren’t the only trends in mobile for the coming year. Keep your eyes open and your antenna up, because the pace of change is rapid! Make a note to yourself to recall what you read now and then revisit what actually happens in about 6 months. You may be surprised at what does and doesn’t come true. But I’m confident my top three will show up as those you can check off that list of trends that actually did unfold in 2015.

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