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Lead Intelligence or Lead Stupidity? Which Category Does Your Company Fall Into?

24418861_sAs an inbound marketer, I download pretty much every piece of premium content I find. (Premium content? That’s the material for which you need to fill out a form or you can’t download it, a form asking for your name, email, phone number, perhaps job title, and the like.) For me, it’s purely research on marketing trends, learning how to do inbound marketing better, and of course, checking out the competition.

I find it very interesting that even though I sometimes use my gmail account (not my work email) that I constantly get calls from companies where I downloaded some premium content, and they’re trying to sell me marketing automation services. It's not hard to do a search on LinkedIn to find the few Hasenbauers that are out there. It's not like my job title and my company are hard to find. Most anyone can see that I work for a company that does marketing automation and inbound marketing.

So why do these companies bother calling and following up on leads that have no chance of converting? Great question.

Three Questions to Ask Before Making the Call

Before any inbound marketer picks up the phone and calls a lead, there are three questions they should ask themselves:

  1. What is the history of this lead with my company?
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What You Need to Know About Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing

Lead NurturingThe search for qualified, sales-ready leads is a challenge to almost all sales organizations and as technology continues to advance and all of our lives (and our prospects lives) become busier, the need to uncover and nurture qualified leads becomes increasingly more important.

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Attack of the Zombies—Cyber Monday

inbound marketingI woke up this morning, dreading the 525,600 Cyber Monday emails I would have to sift through to get down to real business today. It was worse than just Cyber Monday email—since I was out of town for Thanksgiving, I hadn't touched a computer since Wednesday afternoon... which meant I also had all the pre-Thanksgiving, early bird and Black Friday notices filling up my inbox.

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Why Media Companies Need to Drop Tradition and Embrace the Inbound Movement

Youve_Got_Leads_Now_What_The_5_Steps_to_Convert_Your_Inbound_Leads_into_CustomersThings have fundamentally changed in the media industry, and I’m excited to have the privilege on November 8th to discuss why inbound marketing will be critical to the next evolutionary phase for media companies.

Currently, a majority of the media companies (TV, Radio, Print etc.) are not using inbound marketing (blogging, thought leadership, lead generation, email marketing and social media) as part of their strategy to increase the number of leads their salespeople are getting—or leveraging it as a way to drive a more retainable revenue stream via their service and advertising offerings.  

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What to Do When the Sales Leads Start Flowing

inbound marketing forumSo you drank the inbound marketing Kool Aid and it’s the sweetest you’ve ever tasted. Your team is churning out blog content, and your landing pages are generating leads at a rate you’ve never seen before. Give yourself a pat on the back—you’ve made it further than many other companies (including your competitors). Now that you’re generating leads like a pro, it’s time to look closely at that often misunderstood, nebulous area known as the middle of the funnel.

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