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Weekly Roundup: Avoid Burnout, Convert More B2B Sales + More

Avoid Burnout, Convert B2B Sales


"Anyone, anywhere, can make a positive difference."

- Mark Sanborn


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10 Tips to Avoid Burnout While Working in Sales Badger Maps

Are you feeling a lack of motivation, negative energy, and exhaustion? Wheels spinning but you’re getting nowhere? 

While sales pros enjoy the roller coaster ride of emotions, it can take a toll on your physical and mental health. So, how do you handle stress in a sales job? 

First, you need to understand what job burnout is, and that it’s common and happens to everyone. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. >>> READ MORE

Avoid These 6 Proven Deal-Breakers to Convert More B2B Sales LinkedIn

When a promising deal fails to materialize, it’s easy to second-guess. And in many cases, that’s all we’re doing as sellers: guessing. Analytical advancements and new technologies are making it easier to dissect closed lost deals, but at the end of the day, nothing's quite as impactful as hearing directly from buyers themselves.

Fortunately, we have access to these perspectives. For the State of Sales 2021 report, LinkedIn surveyed thousands of buyers and decision-makers around the world to get their takes on what salespeople are getting right, and where gaps still exist. 

One key finding that emerged from this research is a clear set of six deal-breaking behaviors that buyers report running into with sellers. >>> READ MORE

21 Awesome Interview Questions for Management Positions Breezy

Managers are crucial to every organization.

They set and track business goals, train and motivate employees and ultimately take responsibility for the company's most imperative projects. And they have a lot on their plates.

That's why the cost of making a bad hire at the management level can be huge, sometimes more than you can afford to lose. If you're ready to make your next management hire your best yet, this list of interview questions will help you find the perfect fit. >>> READ MORE

Communicate, Track, and Reward The Great Game of Business

The numbers speak for themselves. In October, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the quit rates hit 2.9% in August 2021 - an all-time high since data was first collected in December 2000. Leisure and hospitality have been hit the hardest at 6.4%, followed by business and professional services at 3.7%.

So, how do we keep people from seeking greener pastures?

In a recent Forbes article, Henry Devries wrote an article called Employee Engagement Lessons Learned From Pandemic And ‘The Great Resignation.’ Devries quotes author and business leader Brian Fielkow who states, “Let’s quit talking about ‘The Great Resignation.’ “We should instead talk about the great recognition. Recognition that highly engaged employees are less likely to leave. 

Recognition that poor treatment yields high turnover. Recognition that employee retention is not an HR function. It’s a strategy function that must be driven by leadership.” As the world struggles to find people to fill positions, it is no secret we will have to look within our own organizations to fill many critical roles we have available. >>> READ MORE

A Guide to B2B Content Marketing LeadG2

From independent entrepreneurs to sales managers, your B2B consumers see an average of over 5000 ads a day.

Typical marketing channels can often become oversaturated, raising the question: what marketing strategy is effective nowadays?

The best way to generate leads involves providing clients with value. Your consumers are more educated than ever, and they want to see content that aligns with their business's interests and values.

Enter B2B content marketing. Using B2B content marketing will give your business a competitive edge when clients see that you're giving them what they've been looking for.

Keep reading to learn more about B2B content marketing and some of the best practices. >>>READ MORE


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