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Weekly Roundup: Conducting Killer Pipeline Reviews + More







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Conducting Killer Pipeline Reviews Your Salespeople Will Thank You For — Sales Hacker

In the movie “Dirty Harry,” Clint Eastwood’s character asks one of his “bad guys” what has become an iconic question… “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?”

Sadly, many salespeople feel like they’re facing off to Dirty Harry every time they have a Pipeline Review. He’s staring down at them while they squirm and sweat. This approach makes for a successful movie, but it’s important to remember: Your salespeople are not the bad guys, and you are not Dirty Harry.

How to Prevent Turnover on Your Sales Team — Sales & Marketing Management

There will always be turnover in sales. Sometimes, turnover happens because people simply lack the skills necessary to excel in sales. In total, The Bridge Group found an average 34 percent turnover, combined voluntary and involuntary, across sales departments each year. >>> READ MORE 

Is Too Much Data Hurting Your Sales Performance? — SalesLoft on PandaDoc Blog

Long ago, in a time before the internet, sales organizations struggled to gather enough quality data. Activities were manually logged in spreadsheets or on paper and CRMs didn’t exist as we know them today. Decisions based on guesswork or intuition were the norm. It was a dark time.

Today, we have the opposite problem. We wear “data-driven” like a badge of honor, but in truth, many B2B sales professionals simply suffer from data overload. Sales organizations are bombarded with so much data that we struggle to efficiently filter and analyze it all. “57% of sales organizations do not view themselves as effective users of advanced analytics.” 

3 Ideas to Get Your Sales Team Contributing to Your Blog [VIDEO] — LeadG2

Salespeople can be great sources of blog content. They engage with prospects and the market everyday. They're hearing questions and overcoming objections, and their responses to these questions and objections are great content for blog articles because this is what your prospects want to know, read, and learn.

THE CHALLENGE: How do you get your salespeople to get the info out of their heads and into the blog? How do you get your salespeople sit down and write?. >>> READ MORE


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