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Weekly Roundup: What Helps Top Companies Grow, Out of Date Sales Tactics + More

What Helps Top Companies Grow, Out of Date Sales Tactics


"Make a customer; not a sale."

-Katherine Barchetti


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Fueling Sales: What Helps Top Companies Grow–SalesPOP!

For anyone who wants to achieve greatness, looking at how the experts do it is a sure way to achieve success. For example, if you wanted to become a successful investor, you'd want to chat with Warren Buffett.

The same concept applies to companies who want to achieve success. Look at those businesses with high growth trajectories. Take a forward-looking view at the mindset of sales leaders and how they use the resources available to them. When it comes to sales, you should be asking, “How are these companies handling their sales? What are they doing right, and how can we emulate them?” >>>READ MORE

3 Tactics Sales Reps Use to Close Leads with HubSpot and Content–LeadG2

The typical hurdles of the sales role, in addition to the new set of problems brought on by the current business climate as a whole, can leave your sales team feeling burnt out and lost on how to close more leads.

Is your current process for managing and closing leads outdated? Your sales team is doing a lot to stay afloat, and the workload is leaving everyone - including management - overworked. How do you end this cycle? Start your sales process with warm leads and nurture them with HubSpot to utilize content in the sales funnel strategically. Here are the details. >>> READ MORE

10 Out of Date Sales Tactics to Avoid–HubSpot

The vast majority of sales trainers today use sales techniques that date back to the turn of the century. Yes, really! These old-school techniques are simply regurgitated ideas that first appeared in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Even though they simply don’t work anymore, they continue to be passed down to new generations of salespeople.

You must avoid the following sales habits if you want to crush your sales goals. In fact, if you don’t actively avoid these dated techniques, you’ll never reach your full potential in sales. Here are the ten old-school sales techniques you must avoid in today’s selling market, no matter your industry. >>> READ MORE

Unstoppable Self Confidence: Never Ask Yourself These Two Questions–Forbes

Forbes reports that continuing unemployment claims are hovering around 15 million, with 28 million people receiving some form of aid in these difficult times. With stats like that, looking for a job might be a source of discouragement for many - so how can you find the self-confidence needed to get back into the market, explore new opportunities and - ultimately - interview with assurance?

Time to tackle the two questions that can cause you to fumble, every time, if you’re seeking unstoppable self-confidence. Do you know what they are? >>> READ MORE


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