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Weekly Roundup: COVID-19 Impact on Q2 and How to Move Forward

COVID-19 Impact on Q2 and How to Move Forward


"A bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you fail to make the turn."

-Helen Keller


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How COVID-19 Impacted Businesses in Q2–HubSpot

Since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic on March 11, businesses have had to reckon with its economic impact for over a full quarter.

Now that businesses have closed the books on Q2, HubSpot took a step back and assessed where their customers are, four months later. How does the state of business compare today to where it was in March? How have teams changed their behavior to adapt to the new economic climate? What's worked, and what hasn't? And what changes are here to stay?>>>READ MORE

Connecting With Your Customers in Their New Reality–LinkedIn

LinkedIn's recently released State of Sales 2020 report shines light on a number of fundamental changes taking place in the world of sales:

  • 77% of responding sales professionals said they’re holding more virtual meetings
  • 44% said they anticipated a decrease in responsiveness to outreach
  • Another 44% said they’re experiencing longer sales cycles

Each of these shifts is driven by the altered circumstances of our buyers. Like everyone, they are turning to virtual meetings, dealing with new priorities that demand their attention, and scrutinizing spend in the face of financial challenges. The better we understand the new reality of our customers, the better we can align and connect with it.>>> READ MORE

Why Your CRM is the Secret Weapon You Need to Keep Coaching Your Sales Team Remotely–Close

At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, remote work was the only way to keep employees safe. Snap decisions were made in thousands of companies, and in an instant, the remote workforce grew beyond anyone’s expectations.

As a sales leader, that meant you suddenly went from walking the sales floor and coaching your reps in real-time to watching their floating heads in Zoom once a week. This sudden, rough transition to remote work came at a time when few were prepared for it. But these snap decisions to move the workforce online may just be the start of something new.>>> READ MORE

'It's a dangerous time to go dark': Advertisers Prepare for an Uncertain Summer–Digiday

The third quarter in the most normal of times is a media lull, landing smack dab in the middle of languid summer months, used more as a preparation for the critical fourth quarter to end the year. This summer, advertisers have their plates full as they settle into the most unusual summer in memory.

Advertisers are scrapping their original plans for 2020 as they adapt to new consumer behaviors brought on by months of quarantine and continued social distancing guidelines. What’s more, the liberation of Coronavirus strictures will be unevenly distributed, as some regions spring to life and others haltingly come out of slumber. That means the flight plan is out the window now; advertisers are re-routing as they go.>>> READ MORE


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