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Weekly Roundup: Fix Post-Pandemic Sales Turnover, Zoom-to-Face + More

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"Quality performance starts with a positive attitude.”

-Jeffery Gitomer


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Take Action to Fix Your Post-Pandemic Sales Turnover Problem Top Line Leadership

Suppose for a moment that 25% of your sales team quit before the end of 2021. Recent polling suggests this is possible.

This article explains the research behind the prediction that voluntary turnover will increase as we exit the pandemic and prescribes specific things managers can do right now to prevent good salespeople from saying “I quit” to you and your company. >>> READ MORE

Zoom-to-Face: How to Digitally Walk Your Sales Floor Sales Hacker

For a lot of organizations, the game plan for going remote amounted to, “Next week the office is closed.”

Going forward, we have to take remote seriously if we want to stay competitive. That means thinking of the sales team as remote-at-heart, not remote-by-default. “Remote for now” thinking can lead to missed opportunities in all senses of the word.

Not to mention, remote work is no longer temporary. Big companies like Zillow, Twitter, and Square have announced plans to indefinitely extend work-from-home and many others are sure to follow.

Even companies that are going back to the office will never be the same, as semi-remote and satellite offices become the norm. So, what’s the big deal? >>> READ MORE

Proven Sales Funnel Template to Increase Closed DealsYesware

The term “sales funnel” describes the series of touchpoints a prospect has with your business as they move through the purchasing decision. 

A high-quality, thoughtfully designed sales funnel can make a dramatic difference to your conversion rates and, ultimately, your bottom line.

In this article, we’ll share the benefits and key components of a well-built sales funnel, as well as a free sales funnel template to get you started on your own. >>> READ MORE

If You Answer 'No' to 3 Short Questions, Your Leadership Skills May Be Worse Than You ThinkInc.

No head of a company wakes up in the morning and thinks, "I can't wait to head into work and lead badly today." But it happens.

People are placed into leadership roles every day without having learned the simple lesson that leadership is about people. And to lead exceptionally well, ask any successful leader, you have to take care of your people. That last statement may already have disqualified scores of managers.

To test out the idea that leaders do take care of their people first, and they do it to profitable ends, I have devised three questions for evaluating someone's leadership skills -- perhaps yours? Answering no, as the title of this article suggests, may indicate an urgent need for leadership development. >>> READ MORE

5 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement on a Budget Up Your Culture

Do you want to improve company culture and boost employee engagement, but aren’t sure where to start?

You’re not alone!

Most company leaders recognize the value of this work and they're willing to invest in it – if they can. With a budget, companies can utilize top-notch surveys and bring in culture experts to make the abstract easy to understand and provide a clear path for improvement. 

If you don’t have the budget necessary for expert guidance with your culture renovation right now, don’t give up hope.  While it may feel confusing, and you may be unsure which actions you can take to make the biggest impact on employee engagement, the most important first step is to identify this as a top priority.  >>>READ MORE

4 Effective Ways To Use Content Marketing To Drive SalesLeadG2

The best part of marketing is storytelling, which lets marketers get creative and produce content that audiences relate to. Your audience wants to hear from you, so make sure creating a narrative around your brand, products, and services on a consistent basis. 

Use your content to promote your products, explain your services, bring awareness to your brand and tell stories about your audience and how you helped them achieve their goals and make their everyday life easier. Once you do all that, sales will follow. >>>READ MORE

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