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Weekly Roundup: Insight Selling vs Solution Selling, Tips for Hiring the Right Team + More

Insight Selling vs Solution Selling, Tips for Hiring the Right Team


"Change your thinking, change your life.”

- Ernest Holmes


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Insight Selling vs Solution Selling + How Modern Sales Teams Use Both– Close

Your prospects are inundated with information.

So, you assume your prospects enter your sales pipeline armed with a clear understanding of their challenges and the available solutions.

Or do they?

According to studies by Gartner, 77% of B2B buyers state that their last purchase was very complex.

Why? First, because the number of people involved in a deal has increased over the last years—63% of purchases have more than 4 people involved, according to research by Forrester from early 2021.

Second, because each person involved in the purchase is armed with their own research and information. >>> READ MORE

7 Tips to Help You Hire the Right Team – Sales Loft

It’s this simple: Salespeople are what power your business. Ultimately, their success determines the financial health and trajectory of your company. There’s a lot riding on their shoulders. 

That’s why it’s essential for you to hire the right salespeople, capable of both exceeding  your customers’ expectations and helping you achieve your business goals. 

Of course, easier said than done. Finding the right people can feel like hunting a unicorn. You need them to learn fast, fit in with your team, ask the right questions, and connect with your buyers. >>> READ MORE

The 37 Sales KPIs Every Sales Leader Should Be Measuring– Databox

If you want to grow your sales team, increase your revenue, and beat out the competition, you need to understand data. Simple as that. Whether you’re a sales manager trying to motivate your team, or a sales rep aiming for a promotion, you need to understand which sales KPIs and metrics to track, why they matter to your company, and how to use them correctly.

In our guide, 41 sales pros recommend 37 unique sales KPIs and metrics you can use to track and measure your sales performance. Since KPIs are never one-size-fits-all, this post aims to inspire you and help you make smarter decisions for your sales organization. Let’s take a deep dive together. >>> READ MORE

5 Ways to Tell When You Should Use Lead Generation or Sales Prospecting – PandaDoc

Like it or not, your business needs a lead generation strategy and a sales prospecting process. It sounds easy, and it is.

With the help of this guide, you’ll discover exactly what lead generation is. You’ll be better equipped to implement a strong lead generation strategy within your business.

You’ll also know why you need a strong sales prospecting process and exactly how that will benefit your business.

Most importantly, you’ll find out how both of these strategies require an equal level of input and when you need to push one aside to focus on the other.

It’s not so much knowing about sales prospecting vs lead generation, as knowing how and when to prioritize one or the other. 

Company Culture and Employee Engagement Books on Our Bookshelves – Up Your Culture

We're culture junkies and enjoy reading anything related to company culture and employee engagement.


Because we know that if you have the right culture, your employees will be engaged in your company mission, leading to increased productivity and profitable outcomes. There are so many thought leaders in this space, and we have many more books to read, but we thought sharing a few of what we have read recently may incite you to think about what you long for in your company culture.

Here are a few company culture books in alphabetical order to get you started. >>>READ MORE

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