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Weekly Roundup: Organizational Change, Conquer the Chaos + More

Organizational Change, Conquer the Chaos


"Your failures make your successes so much more meanginful."

-Guy Raz


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Organizational Change Can Successfully Transform Your BusinessOutreach

Organizational change has, historically, required meticulous planning across teams. As executives, we like to have all the moving parts in place before a major shift.

Leaders who oversee go-to-market teams understand better than anyone. You have transitioned from working with an in-house team of reps to managing people remotely. The events and in-person meetings your teams relied on for leads or relationship-building were canceled. Instead, your reps have to rely on technology to make those connections. Everyone now belongs to the “inside sales” team. The learning curve for leaders has been steep. >>> READ MORE


5 Keys to Conquer The Chaos & Implement Your Business Survival Toolkit–Growth Institute

At this moment, we’re in the middle of a tsunami. A tsunami starts as an earthquake under the ocean. Several hours later, a huge wave crashes onto land. That’s where we are. The earthquake has happened, and we’re on the beach expecting a devastating wave. But when will it hit?

The pandemic hit the U.S. in March 2020. Businesses got government support and used their savings, but now money is running out. We’re entering a new phase, but the crisis is far from over. There’s no doubt that 2021 will be a challenging year. How can you prepare your company now to survive the instability ahead? >>>READ MORE

Putting Resilience Into Your OrganizationSmartBrief

Every employee wants clarity and certainty in their jobs. One thing we teach managers is to set clear expectations and communicate them directly. Such thoughts are the basic principles of management.

That today in our time of the pandemic, economic fragility and social injustice have completely upended such normalcy. Yet, the need for clarity exists. Few of us like working in ambiguity. And so that's where organizational resilience enters. >>>READ MORE

3 Ad Formats Consumers Actually Find Trustworthy–Sales Fuel

If focusing on the truth of their products or services is something your client values, they’re likely investing in the help of influencers. Given America’s obsession about weeding out fake news, businesses want to ensure that they’re not on the receiving end of public scrutiny — especially not when consumers are watching every dollar.
So, your clients may be thinking, why not invest in a real live human to promote their wares and inspire trust? The problem with influencers is that they’re not the most trustworthy source. >>>READ MORE


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