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Weekly Roundup: Personalization Strategies to Boost Sales + More

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8 Personalization Strategies for Boosting Sales — CloserIQ

For modern customers, there’s almost always more than one option when it comes to making a purchase. That makes it even harder for sales teams to close deals. But when customers are inundated by countless messages everyday, personalization can help.

Buyers don’t want to feel like they are part of the herd. They want to feel special and taken care of. Working to fulfill that need can help your team stand out. There are a variety of ways to personalize pitches and approaches. Be sure to keep these methods in mind when empowering your team.

Boost Your Situational Awareness to Win More Sales — Selling Power Blog

Research from Florida State University found that high-performing salespeople are typically more alert in customer interactions, but that level of situational awareness often diminishes in reps who have recently been top performers – because they tend to become overly confident. It’s as if continued, consistent success numbs reps’ senses. That means ongoing management check-ins and coaching are critical for the situational awareness of all your reps – and not just those who are average or underperforming. >>> READ MORE 

Engaging Buyers Earlier in Their Journeys — LinkedIn

The new conventional wisdom tells us buyers don’t want to engage with B2B salespeople until late in their purchase journeys. Committees are now more self-driven than ever in their research, which ostensibly means they prefer not to hear from reps until they’re almost ready to make a decision.

However, new research contradicts this school of thought, illuminating real opportunity for sales to make a pivotal impact in the early stages of consideration. Understandably, these insights are generating a lot of buzz in the modern selling community. >>> READ MORE

Sales Pipeline Stages: A Visual Guide — Hubspot

If you need a sales pipeline step-by-step guide to systematize your process, consider printing this infographic out and keeping it on hand. After all, when it comes to sales, a well-defined process always beats flying by the seat of your pants. >>> READ MORE



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