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Weekly Roundup: A Unified Sales and Marketing Front + More







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A Unified Sales and Marketing Front — LinkedIn

In general, B2B companies seem to be a lot stronger with sales and marketing orchestration than they were two years ago. It would seem like more businesses are making it a priority,

But when you compare “sales marketing alignment” with a term like, say, “sales enablement” on Google Trends over the past five years, you don’t find the same growth in interest.

The Power of Social Selling (+ 7 Rules for Storytelling in Sales) — Sales Hacker

Prospects are dodging sales communications at greater and greater rates. Armed with better filters on their email inboxes and cell phones, they can block just about any sales message. Which means email open rates and call connect rates are dropping.

This should make every sales leader nervous. It makes me nervous, too. The question is, What should we do about it?. >>> READ MORE 

How AI Enhances Sales Intelligence — Sales & Marketing Management

2.5 billion gigabytes of data is created daily. As a result, 90% of sales leaders cite information overload for missing quotas. So much so that 57% of sales representatives surveyed in 2018 missed their sales quotas the prior year, according to Forbes.

To make matters worse, nearly half of a sales representative’s time is spent on administrative tasks. The overwhelming amount of information is distracting and slows down the core engines of business — generating sales.

How can the use of artificial intelligence help salespeople reduce time spent and make their jobs easier? >>> READ MORE

How to Control Sales Conversations — CloserIQ

Many sales representatives only start to think about closing the deal later in the sales process. However, to really set yourself up for closing, you need to be setting the groundwork from the very beginning. The best way to do this is to exercise control over sales conversations. If you can do this, you can successfully deploy a solution-selling approach. >>> READ MORE



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