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Weekly Roundup: Sales Performance Management, Unhealthy Beliefs + More

Sales Performance Management, Unhealthy Beliefs + More


"If You Don't Stand For Something, You Will Fall For Anything."

-Gordon Eadie



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The Sales Leader's Guide to Performance Management - HubSpot

As a sales leader, your ability to develop and retain your sales reps is important to your company’s bottom line and future success. Employee retention in the sales field continues to be an issue. The average sales professional turnover rate is 35% — a dramatic number compared to the average turnover rate of all industries, which is just 13%.

When your sales reps are building the skills they need to feel prepared and successful in their roles, they are more likely to report job satisfaction and feeling valued by their employer — factors that make them less likely to jump ship. Looking to set your sales team up for this kind of success?  >>> READ MORE

Unhealthy Beliefs About Your Prospects and Clients – The Sales Blog

Your results begin in your mind. What you believe impacts the choices you make, positive or negative. If you hold unhealthy beliefs, beliefs that conflict with reality, you will not produce the results you want. In a contest between your beliefs and reality, reality remains undefeated. The following unhealthy beliefs about your prospects and clients will cause you no end of problems. If you want better results than you produce now, you start by changing your beliefs. >>> READ MORE

How to Integrate Lifetime Learning into Your Schedule – Selling Power 

To be successful in the future, you must be willing to adapt quickly. The way companies are doing business is rapidly changing. It’s no longer “business as usual.” We not only need to navigate the tsunami of change for our own businesses; we also must lead our clients through the same tsunami.

This means staying informed and up to date on changes within the companies we do business with and those companies that directly affect your industry. If lifetime learning wasn’t one of your core values before, it needs to be now. >>> READ MORE

The Water Cooler: Do Men and Women Read Different Articles on LinkedIn?– LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s 645 million members have many differences. They work in different industries, in different jobs, and in different countries. LinkedIn members also have different genders, of course.

In their Water Cooler article, LinkedIn explored whether men and women engaged with the same content on the LinkedIn platform. The answer - yes and no. The lesson from the results is simple: know your audience. Salespeople know they should pitch differently to CMOs and CFOs. Should they consider pitching differently to men and women?  >> READ MORE


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