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Weekly Roundup: Secrets to Survival, Sales Analytics + More

Secrets to Survival, Sales Analytics


"Earn your leadership every day."

- Michael Jordan


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4 Secrets of Survival You Should Learn from ESOPs The Great Game of Business

Research shows that companies who share ownership widely with employees survive recessions better than ones that do not. They lay fewer people off, they recover faster, and they often end up able to buy other companies who have not done as well.

So what is their secret, and what are they doing to survive the most extreme crisis any of us has ever faced? >>> READ MORE

Why (and How) We Started Asking Our AEs to Source 30% of Pipeline Outreach

It was like the earth just stopped spinning. Time froze.

Pipeline disappeared out of thin air, like it was never there to begin with.

COVID-19 pandemic changed everything.

In a matter of days, hundreds of billions of dollars of our customers’ pipelines simply vanished across the globe.

All of a sudden, inside sales leaders were panicking, saying, "Hey, we need to rebuild pipeline and fast. How can we accelerate?"

Fortunately, we’re used to iterating and experimenting. So we had an answer for them. >>> READ MORE

Track These 7 Sales Analytics To Increase Team Performance Gong

By the time you realize a rep is struggling to reach their number or bring in deals, the damage is already done. Opportunities that could have been converted into customers have been lost.

Know what would have helped? A dashboard with clear metrics and analytics about that rep’s real-time interactions with customers. 

You could have used those analytics to steer them back on course the moment things went sideways. You’d have fewer lost deals right now and you’d be heading for the long-term results you want (like an accurate forecast and a President’s Club-level sales team). >>> READ MORE

Words That Sell: 7 Words to Use to Win Your Next Deal Mailshake

Have you ever read an ad and felt compelled to buy what the advertisement was selling, almost immediately?

Words are powerful. They can build, inspire, build enthusiasm, and encourage. Words can shape our beliefs, drive our behavior, and influence our decisions. They can even destroy, making all of your efforts crumble like a house of cards. Simultaneously, they can influence the outcome of a conversation.

When you use the right words in your sales and marketing, people let their guards down, listen to what you have to say, and buy from you. Powerful sales words tap into the customer’s psychology, and the psychology of sales plays a big part in influencing buyers’ decisions and growing your company’s revenue. >>> READ MORE

A Guide to Evaluating Your New Year Sales & Marketing Strategy LeadG2

This time of year, many organizations start turning their attention to the new year. Why don't they wait until January? What’s the rush?

These organizations understand that setting goals isn’t enough. Growing their business and meeting revenue targets requires planning. Goals without a plan are just wishes. If you wait until January to start planning, then you’ll already be behind. Now is the time to put your sales and marketing strategy under the bright lights and give it a thorough assessment.

But what’s that assessment look like? What should you be reviewing? What questions should you be asking? Every organization is different, but here are a few topics you should cover and questions that will get your discussion started. >>>READ MORE

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