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Weekly Roundup: Employees Want Bosses To Do This, What Prevents Virtual Selling Success + More

Employees Want Bosses To Do This, What Prevents Virtual Selling Success


"We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are are, we cannot help but change."

-Sherly Sandbrg


<< If you only read one thing >>

7 Things Employees Wish Bosses Would Start Doing Immediately–Inc.

Great organizations are built by great bosses. (That's why identifying and attracting talented people is almost as important as developing talented people.)

How do you become a better boss? You could take a page from the Google book and match your skills to what Google determined are the key behaviors of top managers. Or you could check out the following blog where Contributing Editor, Jeff Haden asked one million-plus LinkedIn followers a simple question: 

"If you could cause every boss in the world to start doing one thing, what would it be?" >>> READ MORE

What Prevents Virtual Selling Success–LinkedIn

Virtual selling is a necessity right now, but in the future it will be a key competitive advantage.

When the business world returns to a sense of normalcy, many salespeople will eagerly get back into a routine of traveling and meeting face-to-face with buyers and prospects. But when those reps are able to additionally sneak in a few productive virtual meetings each week, they’re poised to create more opportunities and accelerate the sales process.

Creating a balanced hybrid strategy will be crucial to maximizing resources and scaling sales operations long-term. Here are some common virtual selling mistakes and how to avoid them, with advice from sales experts across the internet. >>>READ MORE

How We Turned Failures into Big Wins by Creating a Culture of Transparency–Sales Hacker

Failure in sales is real.

  • Calling a customer by the wrong name.
  • Forgetting who you’re calling.
  • Having that pitch, you’ve practiced for so long, fall flat.

It happens to all of us. Salespeople have dozens of scenarios that they can bucket into the failed calls category. They’re embarrassing, and most of the time, they just want to sweep them under the rug.

However, we’ve found there’s immense value in embracing these moments and sharing them with others — regardless of how much it makes you cringe. Here's how creating a culture of transparency and celebrating failures transformed a sales team and brought huge success to an entire organization. >>>READ MORE

3 Steps to Close Complex Sales in The New Normal–Growth Institute

In today’s fast-changing world, the stakes are high. And for many companies, they couldn’t be higher. It’s becoming more and more challenging to achieve the level of sales that enable your business to thrive.

Most businesses are doing a lot of things right to satisfy customers: They’re offering competitive solutions that provide value to multiple departments. They’re also following up with high-level service to ensure that customers achieve the results they expect. That makes the marketplace an extremely competitive one.

How can you differentiate your company to consistently achieve a high level of sales success? >>> READ MORE


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