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Weekly Wrap Up: What We Wrote, and What We Read: June 9-12

This week's posts were all about introspection. Look within to lead. From personal branding to finding talent, it was all about asking the right questions.

The Center for Sales Strategy Weekly Wrap-Up


  • On Thursday, John Henley told the story of a woman who found a valid business reason to connect with a new prospect, and closed the deal much quicker than she would have using another strategy.

This Week's Top Reads from Around the Web

We love to read and watch great content at least as much as we like generating it, so here are the posts that caught our eye this week:

  • Dan Rockwell gave us several lists to think about in one post: 10 principles of energy, 7 questions, 5 things energizing leaders never say, and 6 ways to energize teammates.

What have you read recently that resonated with you? What have you written recently that resonated with your audience? Let us know, we'd love to share it!

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