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When was the Last Time You Admitted Ignorance?

admit-when-you-dont-knowIf it’s been a long time since you admitted ignorance, you might want to be worried. I was talking to a client the other day asking questions about their plans for sales enablement and he said he had to admit his ignorance on the topic.

Wow. How refreshing. You have to be smart and confident to admit ignorance. Get the irony? That made me stop and try to remember when the last time was that I was willing and able to admit ignorance. I hope you stop and do the same now.

If you have not had this experience lately, you probably fall into one of two camps:

  1. You’re not challengednot talking to enough smart people or reading interesting books and articles.

  2. You’re arrogant—not open to learning or not confident enough to admit when you don’t know something.

Be on the lookout for things you don’t completely understand. Greet the opportunity. Lean in, ask questions, learn. Start now by asking someone you respect to point you to one of the best books they have read lately or a blog they regularly read because they get a lot out of it.

Admit ignorance. Get smart.

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