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Why Webinars are Becoming Popular Lead Generation Tools


More and more, I am hearing from our clients that the single toughest thing for salespeople to do these days is to secure quality appointments. Just so we are all on the same page, a quality appointment meets the following criteria:

  • It's scheduled in advance
  • It's with the decision maker(s)
  • The main purpose of the meeting is to discover needs, get an assignment, or present ideas
Sales managers typically expect a salesperson to book between 3-8 of these per week. But most salespeople are challenged to get this many with traditional methods like cold calling and pounding the pavement. As a result, salespeople are frustrated. And when they are successful setting up an appointment, in many cases it turns out what they have done is wasted even more time, because the individual really was not interested in anything more then just getting the salesperson to stop calling. 

Having salespeople cold call for hours upon hours is not efficient—it's expensive and it's very 1990’s.

So If This Is the Problem, Then What is the Solution?

The solution is to invest in a lead generation strategy. Those that read our blogs (at The Center for Sales Strategy or LeadG2) know that we are big believers in lead generation. We know it works—heck, we do it ourselves and we have seen tremendous growth in our business (500% growth in the number of clients we work with from just 5 years ago), and we have cracked the code so to speak on how to help others to do the exact same thing.  

There are many components to an effective overall lead generation strategy, but today I want to focus on just one tactic that we happen to be finding a lot of success with. It's the webinar, and when done correctly it will bring prospects right to you. What a great way for you to identify those prospects out there that are ready to learn more about how you can help them. Webinars are growing in popularity for a number of reasons. Here are just 10 of those reasons.

10 Reasons Why Webinars Are So Popular, and Why you Should Use Them for Lead Generation

1.  Webinars are a great way for you to demonstrate your expertise and thought leadership.

2.  Webinars allow prospects to learn more about how you can help before granting you a meeting. 

3.  If you wow them with the webinar, prospects will want take a meeting with you.

4.  If you really wow them with the webinar, prospects will ask you when you can meet with them—and that’s a big homerun.

5.  The webinar lives on forever. You can record it and then allow people to download it later and keep on capturing leads.

6.  A webinar is a great resource to show a new prospect that may be demonstrating interest but needs a boost through the sales process.

7.  Webinars save you a lot of time—now you are only meeting with people that are really interested.

8.  Someone might not be interested enough to meet with you yet, but they may interested enough to attend your webinar. Prospects who watch the webinar might become more interested and then want to meet.

9.  Webinars are a cost-efficient way to generate more quality leads.

10.  People are busy, but they want to learn more. A webinar that solves a problem they have is a great way to help.

We're offering a webinar on December 17th that discusses the step-by-step process you can take to create your own webinars. You can register below if you'd like to learn how to use these for yourself.

Generate Sales Leads from Webinars

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