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Tirzah Thornburg

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Talent Banks Really Work!


Given how busy Sales Managers are, sometimes recruiting candidates and developing a Talent Bank seems like one thing too many. Many managers we talk to are so swamped with daily tasks that the idea of recruiting and interviewing people for a job opening that doesn’t exist yet seems like a complete waste of time. But the question is, does it feel like a waste of time when you have an unexpected opening?

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Topics: sales management, Talent

What Lemonade Stands Teach Us About Sales


Each year on the first Sunday in May, over 150,000 elementary and middle school kids set up lemonade stands in 31 states for Lemonade Day. The founder of the program, Michael Holthouse, who was named Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year, developed Lemonade Day to help kids learn how to run a business. He had this idea that economic messes could be avoided if kids were taught basic business skills and financial common sense that they can use when they are running the country.

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