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12 Gift Ideas for Sales Managers to Give Their Salespeople


The holidays are the perfect time to show your team how much you appreciate them. But sometimes it's hard to think of meaningful gift ideas. We've got you covered this year! We collected ideas from our sales consulting staff here at The Center for Sales Strategy (each of whom was once a salesperson and a sales manager) to share with you. Here are 12 gift ideas you can't go wrong with.

  1. A massage or a spa day, with a half day off to use it
  2. Tickets to a sporting event and half day off
  3. Gourmet food treats (be sure to check for food allergies first!)
  4. Stress-reducing coloring books
  5. Dry cleaning gift card
  6. Auto detailing gift card
  7. Charity related day off in 2016
  8. An improv class, with time set aside for it (fun and mind-sharpening)
  9. Premium LinkedIn account (if you haven't already set them up with one!)
  10. Talent MRI on each salesperson so they can better understand their own talents
  11. 1-2 priority coaching strategies for each sales person who reports to them
  12. Prospect-qualifying magnifying glass so they can make sure every prospect they meet with is an ideal prospect

Add your own ideas below in the comments!

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