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3 Simple Steps to Getting Started on Developing New Business

Three_Simple_Steps_to_Getting_Started_on_Developing_New_BusinessIf three birds are sitting on a wire, and two decide to fly away, how many are left? If you haven’t heard this riddle, you might answer “one. “ But the answer is that three birds are left on the wire. The two birds only decided to fly away, and deciding is not the same as actually doing.

How many times in our sales career have we decided to do something, but stayed sitting on that wire? Maybe we decided on a goal that was too vague or too complicated to get started. New business development often suffers from that challenge.

Turn your decisions into actions by focusing on simple, small daily steps.

Here are three simple steps to take each workday to get started on developing new business:

1. Connect Online

Connect with one existing client on LinkedIn every day, until you are connected with every account on your list. Existing clients are a great source of “new” business, and connecting online can open new channels of information with busy decision makers. 

2. Penetrate the Account

Connect with one additional person at your key accounts or prospects each day. Look for someone that has the potential to influence the purchasing process. 

3. Research for Opportunity

Pick one new prospect on your target list each day and follow their company on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Set up a Google alert on their company and their main competitors.

While many of you could do more than one account for each of these three steps in a day, the key to moving from deciding to doing is to make it small, simple, and repeatable.

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