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5 Tips to Take Your Sales Meetings from Good to Great

take sales meetings from good to greatIn 2016, I wrote a blog, "How to Get a Standing Ovation After Your Next Sales Meeting," and I'm happy to say that I see way more productive sales meetings today than I did back then. So that made me think it might be an excellent time to share some tips on taking your next sales meeting from good to great!

If your sales meeting is good, it may look like this:

  1. Congratulate the team on wins for the week or month
  2. Recognize individuals for a job well done
  3. Share success stories on Target to Key conversions
  4. Provide motivational words to excite the team on hitting their next big goal
  5. Introduction to a great new product available for your team to sell

To all those who's agendas looks like this, I applaud you! This is good! But what does a great sales meeting look like?  

5 Tips for Great Sales Meetings

Try these subtle enhancements or variances, and watch your sales meetings go from good to great:

  1. When congratulating the team on a job well done, point out the behaviors you observed that lead the team to achieve a goal. If they haven't hit it yet, you can still apply this enhancement. Share with them the positive behaviors you are observing right now and what they can do more of to reach the goal.

  2. Do the same for individual wins! Share what went well for your salesperson, and why you value what they've done.

  3. When sharing success stories on big account wins, let the person share how they got the big win focussing on how they discovered the account, qualified the account, started the conversation, and got to close. Sharing success on the activities a salesperson accomplished to get to close is more valuable to your team's development than the close itself.

  4. Energizers are a great way to get a team thinking! Literally, incorporating movement into a learning opportunity is scientifically proven to help with retention. So when it's time to motivate, get the blood pumping and brainpower flowing with a fun energizer!

  5. Make sales training a part of every product training. When training your team on new products, services, and resources you have to sell, don't just tell the sales team what it does or who it's good for. Show them how to use it to help them sell more. Your priority may be to educate them about the product, but their priority is how to use it as part of the solutions they sell.  Exceed their expectations by combining sales training and product training.

Take your next sales meeting from good to great with these simple enhancements to your current agenda. With just a few variances, your sellers will not only walk away more motivated but also educated and energized!

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