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Dani Buckley

Dani Buckley

Dani is the VP/General Manager at LeadG2. She has a diverse background in both advertising sales and marketing consulting that helps her address the varying needs of our diverse client base at LeadG2. She’s especially passionate about sales enablement and the many ways that marketing tactics can contribute to achieving sales goals. Dani is a writer, speaker, facilitator, camper van enthusiast, and personal development junkie. She currently lives in Northern California.

Recent Posts by Dani Buckley:

What Every Media Company Needs to Know About Inbound Marketing

inbound marketingThose of us that work in or around the media industry know that radio, TV, and newspaper are far from becoming dead advertising vehicles. Instead, the best and most innovative media companies have learned that it’s about evolving and finding new ways to not only get the attention of readers, viewers, and listeners but to uncover new methods of attracting and retaining advertisers as well. 

Topics: digital marketing Inbound Marketing

What You Need to Know About Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing

Lead NurturingThe search for qualified, sales-ready leads is a challenge to almost all sales organizations and as technology continues to advance and all of our lives (and our prospects lives) become busier, the need to uncover and nurture qualified leads becomes increasingly more important.

Topics: Lead Nurturing Lead Generation Inbound Marketing

Improve Your Inbound Marketing with Three Lead Generation Tips

Inbound MarketingYou’ve been working hard at your inbound marketing program… consistently writing interesting and informative blog posts, optimizing with keywords, promoting through your social media pages, and driving new traffic to your website. But the leads aren’t rolling in like you hoped they would and you just can’t figure out why. What could be the problem?  

Topics: content strategy Lead Generation CTA Inbound Marketing

An Inbound Marketing Don’t: Paralysis by Analysis

An Inbound Marketing Don’t Paralysis by Analysis My competitive nature to be the best, along with a perfectionist, Type A personality that many marketers and sellers have – oftentimes lead me down the path of over-thinking and over-working every little detail. This meant every email had to be crafted flawlessly, and presentations would sometimes come home with me to be worked on and perfected for the following day’s meeting. I sometimes obsessed over the right words to use with a client and avoided mistakes like the plague.

Topics: digital marketing Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Strategy: Three Easy Ways to Optimize Your Blog with Keywords

Inbound Marketing StrategyThe primary focus of your inbound marketing strategy should be to get your business found by new visitors, and then convert them into qualified sales-ready leads. One of the primary places to do this is on a company blog. There are many other additional benefits such as developing thought leadership and providing value to current clients, but at the end of the day it’s lead generation that makes inbound marketing such an irresistible and powerful tool.  

Topics: Lead Generation SEO Inbound Marketing