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Elisa Hillman

Recent Posts by Elisa Hillman:

Expect the Best From Your Salespeople – and Get It!

Power of Expectation 01How can you have a positive, long-term effect on the performance of your talented salespeople? 

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Coaching Salespeople: Should You be Their BOSS or Their FRIEND?

coaching salespeopleLast week, a sales manager told me, “I know I'm not supposed to do this, but I get really close with my salespeople."

Topics: developing strengths Sales

Award Winning Sales Performance with This Secret Recipe

top talentServing up the ideal sales person for your team to increase sales performance is much like creating the ultimate masterpiece in the kitchen. Like a culinary chef, you must know the significance of each ingredient you are using, meticulously measure each one, and mix them together perfectly to prepare dishes that meet everyone’s needs. If one significant ingredient is missing, it can destroy the entire meal and leave everyone wanting more. Hiring sales people and coaching them is much like preparing your favorite dish. 

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Sales Recruitment: Are Your Sellers Paid to Do What They Are Made to Do?

runnerI am a runner. Sometimes, when I am out on the road, I experience what many people call a “runner’s high.” During those brief moments, when it all comes together, I feel as if I was made to run. Every thought becomes clear, every step is synchronized, and every breath is easy. In those moments, everything feels right, and I want to spend more time running.

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