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Kelly George

Kelly George

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3 Ways to Drain Your Talent Bank

3 Ways to Drain Your Talent Bank

Talk with any manager or leader, regardless of their company, industry, or size, and without a doubt, you will find one thing they all have in common – the struggle to find great talent. Building, and maintaining, a talent bank is not for the faint of heart.

Now imagine the added stress that occurs when you’ve made a heroic effort to build a great talent bank, and it runs dry.

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Do You Have the Right Mindset to be a Successful Leader Today?

Do You Have the Right Mindset to be a Successful Leader Today

When we think of leadership, we often think of qualities or characteristics such as courage, inspiration, or perseverance. These qualities or traits are actually one of several ingredients in a powerful recipe for success and winning. That recipe is mindset.

Unprecedented headwinds over the past few years have created immense challenges and uncertainty. Leaders of companies big and small have faced a global pandemic; supply chain issues; inflation; and talent shortages just to name a few.

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Sales is Like Dating: How to Build a Lasting Business Relationship

Sales is like dating

What could be more complicated than dating?

Just look at the ever-growing array of dating apps and social media stories, not to mention the adventures recounted by our single friends, family members, and colleagues, if you need any confirmation. The search for “the one” is a journey that countless people have experienced -- and many with less success than others.

Sales can feel like a similar process to dating. At The Center for Sales Strategy, we've often drawn parallels between the two. As you are out there making connections and building lasting business relationships, here are a few pitfalls we have learned to avoid.

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The Future is Here: AI Meets Recruiting

The Future is Here  AI Meets Recruiting

When was the last time you heard someone use the words “artificial intelligence”? A decade ago, it might have been sparingly, but today we hear the term daily.

As the tech industry continues to expand, engaging with other sectors such as automotive, biomedical science, data science, healthcare, and entertainment, it is increasingly likely that tech will come to play a role in all of our corporate lives.

It might seem that the tech industry is quite distant from Human Resources, but, in fact, the two fields are already working closely together.

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Round Peg, Square Hole: How to Know If You Have the Right People in the Right Places

How to Know If You Have the Right People in the Right Places

We have all heard the expression, “As impossible as trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.” A simple statement yet one that perfectly captures the challenge of making a match where there isn’t one.

Ask the leader of any organization about what keeps them up at night, and one answer is certain to be, “How can I make sure I have the right people in the right roles for the success of our business?”

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Are You Making These Sales Management Mistakes?

Are You Making These Sales Management Mistakes

One of the most difficult things in leadership, and in life, is to recognize and admit when we have made mistakes or might have done things differently.

As we develop more skills in leadership, we begin to see mistakes as opportunities for growth, improvement, and innovation when we can look at them through a lens without judgment or blame.

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Encouraging Collaboration Between Departments

Encouraging Collaboration Between Departments

Every successful organization depends on the productivity of various departments and teams to achieve its overall mission and goals. But being a part of a team doesn’t mean teamwork happens naturally.

For departments and teams to be efficient everyone needs to work together to execute and finish projects and goals. And yet the reality is that, more often than not, employees find it challenging to collaborate and work together with ease and balance.

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