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Sophie Fry

Recent Posts by Sophie Fry:

Plans are Worthless, but Planning is Everything

plans are worthless but planning is everythingHandling an Account List is much like running a small business whose performance is the result of the owner’s initiative, resourcefulness and choices.  As a business person it is important to identify which opportunities are subject to your influence…and then determine what actions to take to ensure that your influence will have effect.

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What "The Voice" Has Taught Me about Recruiting and Creating Sales Superstars

The VoiceEach week as I settle in to watch my favorite vocalists compete on "The Voice," I am amazed at the transformations I’m witnessing. Just weeks ago, during the blind auditions, the contestants were a voice among many with raw potential, now they are emerging pop stars. Each week their great voices are more polished—and accompanied by great looks and emerging brands that lure us to cast our votes and purchase their music.

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Hire for Talent, Train for Skill Development

sales performanceEven the most talented professionals need skill development—which is why professionals across all industries seek out training and coaching. If you think about the critical skill set that leads to success in your sales organization, what does that list look like? When is the last time you audited your sales organization to determine the skill level of the individuals on your sales team? 

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